November 11

The boat

if we had a flood and all the animals will die and you can only take five animals.


Chickens, horses, dogs, otters and rhinos.

Chickens: I would take it becaues I will have eggs for breakfast and somtimes have a roast chicken to eat. Also they will not take as much space in the boat but, they still will give me plenty of food everyday.

Horses: They will help me travel across long distances without myself getting too tired. Because people can’t travel long distances without getting really tired.

Dogs: Dogs are a friendly friends of ours, they will help find things like my chickens and cows. They also can help me gather around the farm animals.

Otters: They otters will go into the sea and bring me fish to eat. Fishes makes people smarter and I really need them.

Rhinos: I can have these animals to protect all my animals. It is not a carnivore so it won’t eat my animals and they won’t get eaten by predators.

What animals would you take and survive the flood? Why?


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