November 27

We going to do experiments!

We going to do experiments!

imageWe went to the V.S.S.E.C. space centre. We learnt about  negative and positive of static. We first had a balloon, some rice, confetti, polystyrene balls and foil. We  rubbed the balloon on someone’s hair and see if it attracts or repels to the confetti, rice, tin foil, another balloon, or the polystyrene ball. Everything is attract except the rice and the balloon. We played with a stick that creates static so the tin foil floats. It will give a shock when touching the end of the stick. We built a robot using different materials but my group didn’t succeed.

We were now at a control area and we had to answer questions about Mars to save the people. They’ll  do experiments and we will write answers on our sheet. We needed to warn them, a meteor is here they Need to evacuate. Our team got out because of an unknown virus. That was all we did at V.S.S.E.C. and I had fun doing the activities.

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