December 17

I am now writing my last piece of post for the year of grade 5. I have done many fun things with the grade. This year I made into the athletics and is running the 200m sprint for the first time at school. Camp was really fun too and it was also the first time we had a five day camp. I got into a cabin with the friends I wanted to be with and a few others. The paper plane competition was good as well and our grade came first of flying the furthest. My plane came second in my survivor group.

Survivor wa really fun too and our group came first and got the most points. We have done fun activities to reach the most points with five groups in total. We did activities like building the tallest tower with newspaper, basketball hoop shooting. It is when we have five minutes and we have to score as much as we can, based on the real point system in basketball. I also liked science about space even though we didn’t do much about it. We now are doing a race on all sorts of skills that our teachers made up. We have now haven’t done five skilful activities tomorrow on the last day.

That was my memovies for grade five and it was all really fun and I hope it will be the same next year.

December 6

Inquiry question

At the start of the unit we are learning which is space, everybody asked one question about space. My question was if the universe is expanding according to many books, what is it expanding into? I gave recently did some research on that and many scientists say the universe isn’t really expanding. The universe contain s everything, if it is expanding, it could be expanding in another universe or its self. Scientists say with this theory the Big Bang could be wrong. If the universe is infinite, it can’t expand into anything because it is infinite. If it was finite we can never go to the outside of the universe because it is a closed object.

what do you think about my answer? Comment to me and explain.