August 21


This stands for Challenge Based Learning, I will be writing reflections on our group challenge.


Week 1 reflection

The challenge for this week was trying to reduce the impacts that we have caused. In my challenge group there is Kyan, Marcus, Ella, Louise and myself. Our group name that we decided on was called Geen Thumbs. We had three options and we decided to choose for the Clean Up Club to reduce the amount of rubbish at Apollo. In the Clean Up Club we decided to get the prep children to do it and earn a certificate.

Week 2 reflection

we got everything ready for the clean up club and our teacher approved it. There were only one change that the teacher made, but everything else was fine. We started on preparing all the things we need to do. My job was to design a certificate for the grade one’s. I have been making the draft and I am now finished. I will be able to the good copy next week.



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