August 21

Chess Nut

I will take photos of my Lit Circles work and putting on this page.

session one

For session one I was the literary luminary. My job was to find interesting parts of the books and explain why. I also did my summary and my prediction for the next part.

Session two

This time I was illustrator mapper. I had to draw a picture from the book and write what the picture ips about. I will do my summary and prediction every time.

Session three

I am the discussion director and I will lead the discussion. I wrote five literal questions from the book, for everyone to answer.

session four

thIs time I am connector. This task was that I had to find some text in the book, then I have to make a connection about myself.

session five

I wasn’t here so I did not do my activaty. I was meant to do character captain.

session six

this time I was word wizard where I had to choose one or two words and write some synonyms and antonyms. Also I did the dictionary meaning.

session seven

This is my last session for term three. I am doing literary luminary again and this time I found two interesting parts.


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