October 29



Today Sean the police man came and did a leadership speech too. He gave three examples of leadership which were challenging yourself, being a role model and and leading by example. He also answered our questions about leadership. There were some same things that Mrs. Montgomery and Sean was that they both spoke about was it doesn’t matter whether you have a badge or not. Mrs. Montgomery told to trust you Colleagues and Sean is to yell at them.

•Challenge yourself: when you can’t do something, for example you are shy and you had to do speech. You would have to challenge yourself to do the speech.

•Role model: being a role model is when you are the leader and people will do what ever you do. So you must do the right things to become a good leader.

•Lead by example: you need to tell people or lead them to do the right thing. If you are doing it, you need to have a kind voice, not yelling at them.

October 28



Today Mrs. Montgomery, our principal did a speak about leadership in the morning. She spoke about seven things that helps you make a better leader. The seven things were honesty, listening, trust your friends, stay strong, sense of humour, teamwork and focusing on what is important.

•Honesty: Honesty is to own up to your mistake and by dong that, people trust you to do something.

•Listening: When you are listening  you can take notes and give your opinion about something in a meeting.

• Trust your friends: By trusting them, they know that you are a good friend and let’s you do the right things.

• Stay strong: Staying strong is when something bad is happened, you don’t just leave it and sulk, you just have to face it.

• Sense of humour: Having a sense of humour is having a laugh with your friends by laughing with them, not at them. Mostly is doing that when people are having hard times.

•Teamwork: Teamwork is groups of people working together to achieve what one person can’t achieve. Working with people is done a lot of times at leadership.

•Focusing on what is important: Focusing on what is important is listing important things during speeches and meetings. Also including other importing notes of things.

October 27

Diamantè poem

We have learned about different poems and this one is Diamanté poem. We had to write a poem with a noun and the top. Two words describe it, three ing ending words about it. A short phrase about the subject and the other subject.


                                                 Bright   Hot

                                  Sizzling, Warming, Floating

                         They are all sphere objects in space

                                 Orbiting, Moving, Spinning

                                              Dark Small


October 20


It was a sunny day today,
I wanted to play golf on this day.
Dad drove me in the car,
But it wasn’t that far,
I had to hit the ball,
right into the hole.
I missed it,
now it’s landed in the sandpit.
Again I hit the ball,
It went into the hole during its fall.
I had a great time,
then someone started to rhyme.
I went back home,
ate the ice cream honey comb.

October 16


This is the second time we are doing sport for term four. I am doing the summer sprt volleyball, but we had a bye. We did not play because of this bye, so we practised. We played a game of boys and girls, because there were lots of boys so we split up. Two groups is playing a game and the other group is practicing. Afterwards we played a match of boys and boys and girls mixed. My team won the first game and the. We lost the second game. The first game scores was 25:18 our way. The second game was 9:25 our way.

what did you play for inter school sport? How did you go?

October 6

Haiku poem

An Haiku poem is a poem with three lines. The first and last line has five syllables and the middle one has seven syllables. I wrote a five Haike poems. They can be rhymed and  they are originally originated from Japan. This is my favourite one that I wrote today.


Shoot at the bullseye

Uses bow and some arrows

can be dangerous

Have you written Haiku poems?

September 17

Lit circles

i have done seven sessions of lit circles and there was six activities. I was reading a book called Chess Nuts. It was about a sporty boy ending up being a chess nut. I rate this book 4 out of 5 and I recomem people who like chess or calm, read this book.

have to read this book before?